9th Wave Apparel

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9th Wave offers a unique way to design apparel for your special event or occasion, that keeps customer satisfaction as the first priority. 9th Wave aims to create personal graphic designs that clients cherish at a fair price. Our knowledgeable, professional, and friendly team will assist, problem-solve, and coach our clients through the process of designing something truly memorable.

9th Wave provides an expressive outlet that strives to not just design for a moment, but help build a brand that lasts a lifetime, has artistic appeal and differentiates from the norm by developing a manifesto for innovative designs that are custom and personalized for our clients.

9th Wave prides itself on supporting local businesses and broadcasting their visions, innovations, and voice within their community.

Be The Wave Project:

Inspiration and motivational messages. Daily reminders to others like to never give up. To keep pushing forward in hopes to achieve whatever it is that you wish. To take a chance, step outside of the box and be the flow. Be the wave! It's about inspiring innovative minds and remaining focused on achieving personal goals, spreading positive vibes to all, and channeling your mindset to a different way of thinking. Wear it proudly so that you can see it, embrace it, and pass it on. Can you handle the wave?